Yoga is a spiritual science of self-realisation, an art, philosophy and science of health and wellbeing. Yoga is a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices or disciplines. There are many types of yoga to choose from. With any style of yoga, you can improve your flexibility, stamina, strength, and balance. All yoga styles release tension in your body, quiet your mind, and help you relax. The minded Yoga Therapy approach combines the worlds of yoga, science and psychology. When it comes to the yoga therapy, the next tools are used:

  • Asana (physical posture)
  • Pranayama (breathing exercise)
  • Guided imagery (visualization)
  • Meditation
  • Diet (an integral part of yoga and yoga therapy)

Qigong — a healing system of coordinated body-posture composition, movement, breathing, and mediation. The word ‘Qigong’ is made up of two Chinese characters: Qi (Chi) means the ‘life force, vital energy‘, and ‘Gong‘ means ‘work, effort, accomplishment achieved over the time‘. The Chinese character for Qi is 气 or 氣. Therefore, Qigong means cultivating energy skillfully. This practice rests on the basic principles: controlling the Chi, controlling the body and controlling the mind. Qigong is one of the main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Qi/Chi comes from many different sources:

  • Inherited from your parents at conception (prenatal Chi)
  • Comes from environment (the air you breathe, the food you eat and the water you consume) (postnatal Chi)
  • Organ Chi as each organ has its own Chi/life force
  • Defensive Chi is when your immune system protects you from various internal or external pathogens

The body extracts the most valuable essences and uses them to help form the vital energy and create a healthy balance in the body. However, Chi deficiency occurs as well and it is a common Traditional Chinese Medicine syndrome that is due to insufficient Chi/life force energy. It is caused by either exhausting one’s levels of Chi by mental, emotional or physical overexertion or by not replenishing one’s Chi enough. As the result, Chi deficiency may manifest in low energy, weakness, and illnesses. Quantum Physics supports Qi energy and teaches us that there is no difference between energy and matter, and that all systems in the human body — from the atomic to the molecular level — are constantly in motion-creating resonance. 


Our goal and mission is to create a healthier world, increase life expectancy, reduce chances of getting sick, and restore energy on different levels. Yoga and Qigong are a safe prescription for an individual’s healthy living proved by numerous studies. Without a doubt, these practices are recommended as alternative treatments for a holistic body-mind resolution. These two alternative therapies have proven to control mental health disruptions like anxiety, stress and depression, health deterioration, declining physique, immune system issues, helping maintain an ideal quality of life.

Meet your teacher: Anna Yáng 杨安娜 Health and Wellness Consultant, Certified and Registered Senior Wellness Teacher, Educator and Owner of The Yoga Chi, Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda. She is trained in Classical Indian Yoga and Chinese Taoist Yoga, and Yoga Therapy. 500-hour RYS (International Registered Yoga School) Yin Yang and Five Elements certified, Tai Chi and Qigong certified, MFR (MyoFascial Release) Techniques and TriggerPoint Therapy certified, Community Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED/Standard First Aid certified, and registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals. Anna developed interest in medicine, human anatomy, health and wellness as a kid, and started mindful exercising at the age of 8. Her yoga journey began in her early 20s learning the art of yoga from different yoga masters around the world. Later on, she studied and learned internal martial arts from a Chinese Master based in China and various schools worldwide. Anna is an environmentalist and ethical vegan who deeply cares about planet Earth and all living beings (不杀生), from animals to plants, forests, and other wild landscapes. She believes that sustained human health is simply not possible without a healthy planet because human existence and health depend on it. 

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