Client Testimonials

Anna has taught a wide variety of topics and classes, and led health wellness retreats and workshops with students aged 13 to 90, including working with people with injuries, mobility issues, disabilities, and Memory Care patients (Dementia and Alzheimer’s). All reviews are genuine:


“I’ve been a practitioner of QiGong for several years now, and I highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in self-healing modalities. Anna of The Yoga Chi is extremely knowledgeable and experienced, you will learn a lot if you take one of her classes! She has the most incredible spirit, and provides such inspirational teachings!”

~ Michelle, Spiritual Medium

“I cannot believe how amazing Qigong has been for my back/neck and I have stopped going to physio and the chiropractor as a direct result of Anna’s classes.”

~ Brenda, Self-Employed

“I had never heard of QiGong before I started 10 months ago , but it has completely changed my life. It has helped me tremendously in recovering from a stroke , and I can now do things that were even unimaginable before the stroke (swimming 2km a day , boxing etc., etc.). I cannot thank Anna enough for her help with transforming my life through QiGong and I thoroughly recommend people to try it with an open mind.”

~ Richard Roberts, Investment Manager

“As a gut microbiologist and a bioresonance practitioner, I can say that having taken Qigong classes with Anna has deepened my connection between the brain/heart/gut/axis. I love it.”

~ Ade, Microbiologist, PhD

“I highly recommend this class! Some parts were challenging for me as a beginner but that’s how it should be. Anna is a very experienced instructor and her approach makes the sessions worthwhile.”

~ Bashar, Self-Employed

“Absolutely amazing experience with Anna’s class. Focus, alignment, energy cleansing, balance, and coordination all in one. But the most marvelous is the beautiful feeling of being complete, present, and light right after the class. Looking forward to learning more.”

~ Anonymous

“Anna’s precise cueing combined with her passion for qigong created a safe and healing environment. The effect of clearing stagnant chi through mindful movement was transformational. Thank you Anna!”

~ Anonymous

“Learning Qigong was fun. The class was just amazing. Anna’s wonderful at explaining each movement and breath we should take. Anna has an awesome presence.”

~ Anonymous

“l love Anna’s class, especially Qigong is very interesting! She is very knowledgeable and experienced teacher that I could learn something new at every her class!”

~ Ari


“For me after only a few Qigong and Yoga sessions with Anna my stomach troubles disappeared… something really surprising since I haven’t changed my diet or any other habit. My body has completely changed. I have a lot of strength but «smooth» strength. My body and mind go together in harmony. I feel more grounded, balanced and powerful. Anna is an amazing professional and even the selection of the music is awesome! Thank you so much for taking care of our body and taking care of us.”

~ Sandrine, General Manager

“Anna is great – a great teacher. It’s wonderful to be given the opportunity to learn new types of fitness techniques to compliment my Yoga practice. Thank you!”

~ Anonymous

“Anna has a depth of expertise that is consistently evident as she guides us through this amazing practice. I’m grateful for this experience.”

~ Anonymous


“I have been two months with Anna classes and I cured from a tear shoulder muscle and body tiredness. I cannot miss any of her classes. Thanks, dear Anna.”

~ Ruby, Manager

“The best teacher. Anna and her Meridian Yoga class were amazing! I feel great!”

~ Kimberly

“Anna was excellent with her instructions during her Yoga Nidra class. She did an excellent job and I enjoyed the class.”

~ Anonymous

“First time doing this type of Yoga called Meridian Yoga. Very relaxing. Knowledgable and encouraging teacher.”

~ Anonymous

“At first I was skeptical of the Meridian Yoga class! But, Anna had a beautiful calming voice, the class was well-organized and I felt gently stretched and much less stressed at the end. Great job!”

~ Anonymous

“Anna’s Yoga Nidra class had just the right amount of guidance at the right intervals.”

~ Anonymous


“I attended Hatha class with Anna and I have to say I liked it very much. I am new to yoga, but I was able to plunge into the world of tranquility — yoga is a truly amazing tool and way to relax in the 21st century. Anna is a teacher with patience who is willing to wait for your progress. She won’t rush you or make you go against your will or any physical limitations you may have. She gives her students a sense of comfort making you feel a part of the whole group. Anna professionally shared her knowledge, concentration of power and mind. The friendliness of the teacher helped destroy any anxiety that a beginner may experience when attending a class for the first time. At the end of our class, everyone felt so light and positive. Thanks to Anna, I decided to continue practicing and learning more about yoga.”

~ Inna, Lawyer

“Anna was great! I really enjoyed her Hatha Yoga class.”

~ Anonymous

“I am a beginner who tried Yoga Slow Flow. Anna was great in demonstrating the yoga poses.”

~ Anonymous


“I cannot recommend Anna highly enough. She is a highly effective yoga instructor who has simultaneously helped me gain strength and stamina while improving my inner being. Her classes are fun and varied, mixing meditation with periods of continuous high intensity. When I leave Anna’s sessions, my mind is ready for whatever is coming my way. Her enthusiasm and talent really work for me.”

~ Lynn Z-J, Medical Professional

“Anna has so much knowledge that she shares in such a nice manner. Loved her class!”

~ Anonymous

“Sculpt Yoga – quite challenging class! But Anna knows how to motivate us and it just feels right! And the amazing feeling after the class is impossible to describe! So much energy!”

~ Barbara, Cabin Crew

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